Welcome to The Epiphany School

Founded in 1888, The Epiphany School was established to provide the highest quality education to the school-age children of the Epiphany parish. Today we educate more than 500 students - from Nursery through Grade 8 - at our two nearby campuses.

Our goal is to offer each student an environment that celebrates the individual, inspires academic achievement, and fosters spiritual growth. We partner with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to assure a nurturing, supportive school community.

Our students receive a well-rounded, highly competitive, and individually challenging academic experience, grounded in the value-centered Catholic tradition. They graduate to top-ranked high schools in and around New York City, confident in their intellectual abilities, secure in their sense of purpose, and committed to improving the world as moral and ethical people.

We are The Epiphany School - A Tradition of Excellence!

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September 2016

September 8 - SCHOOL BEGINS - FULL DAY for Grades 1-8

September 12 - TT, PreK and Kindergarten begin