Epiphany Family Association

All Epiphany parents and guardians are members of The Epiphany Family Association (EFA). The EFA exists to foster a strong sense of community at The Epiphany School through events that benefit the students, faculty and parents of the school. Through active involvement in the EFA, parents can have a direct, positive impact on their child(ren)’s experience at The Epiphany School. The annual EFA dues paid by all families help to underwrite the many special events and activities sponsored by the EFA.

The volunteer EFA Cabinet coordinates meetings, activities and events. The EFA Cabinets are formed in the spring of odd-numbered years, when openings are announced and all parents without previous service have the opportunity to volunteer. Each EFA Cabinet serves for two years. Each homeroom has a class representative, a volunteer parent who works closely with the teacher and the parents to coordinate parent involvement in certain class activities. These Class Representatives represent a vital link between the parents, the teachers, and the EFA Cabinet.  

Class Reps and the EFA Cabinet work together closely and communicate regularly to make it easier for all parents in the school to be active and informed.

The 2017/19 EFA Cabinet

EFA Co-Chairs
Cari Marino, (Jack, Nursery)
Bharti Ramani, (Simran, Nursery)

EFA Cabinet Members
Danielle Elder (Sofia, 8th; Robert, 3rd)
Gina Kartholl (Sofia, 3rd; Olivia, Pre-K)
Mary Lane (Conor, 4th)
Colleen O’Donnell-Flores (Connor Flores, 6th; Carson, 4th; Teddy, 1st)
Cynthia Rios-Raptis (Chloe Raptis, 2nd)

Class Representatives 2017/18

Toddler Twos: Maria Campos Arrastia, (Child: Jorge Arrastia) 
Nursery: Belen Garcia, (Antoine Payan)
Pre-K 1: Jessica Lui, (Matthew Wood)
Pre-K 2: Maureen Rozanski, (Jack)
Kindergarten 1: Danae Sueiro, (Xavier)
Kindergarten 2: Matthew Morningstar, (Ethan)
1-1: Joanne Borelli, (John)
1-2: Kelly Crotty, (Seagram Villagomez)
2-1: Caralynn O’Brien, (Vivienne)
2-2: Louise Geddes, (Tessa)
3-1: Krystal Mumper, (J. Reilly)
3-2: Karen Ivanac, (Julia)
4-1: Christina White, (Joseph)
4-2: Sylvia Gentzsch, (Enrique Marugan)
5-1: Ursula Coghlan, (Evan O’Reilly)
5-2: Candice McInnis, (Jack)
5-3: Lillian McHugh, (Emilia)
6-1: Suzanne Musho-Downey, (Cyril Downey)
6-2: Kathy Bettigole, (Margo)
7-1: Kathleen Lane, (Con)
7-2: Carol McEvoy, (Jude)
8-1: Peggy Boulos Smith, (Charlotte)
8-2: Emily Cho Roache, (Liam)
8-3: Yolanda Fordham, (Kayla)

Events and Volunteerism

EFA-sponsored events provide fun ways for parents to get actively involved. Special events currently include: Parents Night Out, Halloween Day Parade (Lower School), Crazy Hat & Hair Day (Upper School), Halloween Night Party, Breakfast with Santa, Upper School Ice Skating, Epiphany Game Show Night, 7th & 8th Grade Dance, 5th & 6th Grade Party, Family Dance Party, School Pride Day, and the Spring Carnival. Parents are encouraged to pitch in at these events and participate in the many school volunteer opportunities through volunteerspot.com links sent out prior to each event.

The Epiphany School is blessed with an active parent volunteer tradition that makes all the difference in our community. A growing majority of parents volunteer in one or more activities each year. Whether you can volunteer a few hours per year, or can make a more extended commitment, you will have a meaningful impact on your child’s experience at The Epiphany School.

The full schedule of EFA events in on the school calendar.