Key Links & Forms


The EDUCATE/TADS Student Information System, an advanced web-based system for school management and data sharing, is utilized by the school to integrate all of our record keeping practices. Each parent has been given a unique username and password which will provide access to your child’s class assignments, grades, and links to the school website. Parents are strongly encouraged to review their child’s progress weekly. You will see that Cornerstone is rebranded as Educate by TADS, this will not effect your login information.

School Lunch Menus: Wellness in the Schools

The Cook for Kids program works with schools to feed kids real food. WITS Chefs, trained culinary graduates, work with schools to transform the cafeteria menu, train school staff, and provide nutrition education to students.

Our daily goal is for students to return to class after lunch and recess ready to focus and learn. Our long-term goal is to teach children healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

March Breakfast Menu / March Alternative Healthy Lunch Menu

iPad Acceptable Use Agreement

Every student and their guardian(s) must read and sign the iPad Acceptable Use Agreement. This agreement clarifies the responsibilities of the students when using their school issued iPads. iPad Acceptable Use Agreement

Media Release Form

We ask all families to sign and return the Media Authorization form to consent (OR NOT) to the taking of photographs etc. for use in school platforms. Media Authorization and Release Form

Health Forms

New York City Immunization Requirements

The standard health form, to be submitted each year, reflecting an annual physical and immunizations. Health Form

Allergies & Anaphylaxis Medical Administration Form, for students who require medicines to be dispensed at school related to allergies/anaphylaxis (ex: EpiPen, Benadryl etc). Allergies/Anaphylaxis Medical Administration Form

Asthma Medication Administration Form, for students who require asthma medicines to be administered at school, including self-administration. Asthma Medication Administration Form

Diabetes Medication Administration Form, for students who require diabetes medicines to be administered at school, including self-administration. Diabetes Medication Administration Form

General Medical Administration Form, for students who require medicines to be dispensed at school that are NOT related to asthma or allergies. General Medical Administration Form

Medical Request for Immunization Exemption Form This form must be filled out by the student’s treating physician who must be licensed in NYS. The medical basis for exemption must be based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Red Book.

After an absence from school, an absence note must be sent to the homeroom teacher upon the student’s return to school. Absence notes may not be emailed. Absence Note Form

Please refer to The Epiphany School Handbook for complete details of the School’s health policies.

The Epiphany School Bus Registration Form

If you would like your child to take the school bus please fill out this Registration Form. The school bus is provided to our school by New York City free of charge. Please be aware that students who choose school bus service will not be eligible for student MetroCards. The bus routes and scheduled stops are on the form in the drop down choices under “Bus Stop.”

Tuition Payments

Tuition bills are paid through Smart Tuition, your account will be set up by Ms. Fitzpatrick in the School’s business office. You will receive a “welcome letter” from Smart Tuition with your log in instructions. Click HERE for the link to Smart Tuition.