New Faculty and Staff


Ms. Katie Glover is now the 8th Grade ELA teacher and will also coordinate and teach Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) at the Upper School. Ms. Glover was an Assistant Teacher in 3rd Grade here at The Epiphany School for the last two years. Prior to that,  she taught at The Gillen Brewer School. She received her Masters in both General and Special Education from Fordham University in 2015.  

Ms. Megan Grant is the Headteacher for the new Toddler Twos class. Mrs Grant has been a part of The Epiphany School for ten years as an Assistant Teacher in our Kindergarten, and she also coordinates the After-School programs at the Lower School. She is the proud mother of two “Epiphany daughters”, Ryan a 7th Grader and Mollie a member of the Class of 2015.

Ms. Rose Gallagher is the Secretary for the Upper School. She holds a BFA from Marymount College. Ms Gallagher has worked at The Epiphany School for twelve years coordinating the Power Lunch Program. She is the proud mother of two Epiphany graduates: Elizabeth, Class of 2005 and Danielle, Class of 2011.

Ms. Theresia Tice joins the Epiphany community as the receptionist in The Early Childhood Center. She is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta and had a long career in the fashion industry. Ms. Tice and her family are part of The Epiphany Parish. She looks forward to welcoming the youngest members of The Epiphany School as they start their school days.

Ms. Samantha Mulé is the new Development Coordinator for The Epiphany School Foundation. She is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo, with a BA in Communication. Samantha has over three years of Event Coordinating experience in Manhattan. In her new role, she will be focusing on the department’s new database, and The Foundation’s many fundraising programs.

Ms. Judith Rodgers is joining The Epiphany School as the new Assistant Teacher in the 4th Grade. Ms. Rodgers has her Masters in Education and has taught in adult ESL programs. She is looking forward to classroom teaching as her Masters program focused on middle school mathematics. Ms. Rodgers has completed post-graduate work in elementary mathematics and integrating technology into the classroom.

Mr. Liam Klotzbach joins The Epiphany School as an Assistant Teacher in Kindergarten. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Childhood Education at Fordham University. He hopes to one day teach in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where he attended high school and his parents still live. 

Ms. Jessica Uruchima, a new 2nd Grade Assistant Teacher, graduated from Fordham University with a double major in Psychology and Latin American Studies. As a “Citizens of the Future” educator at PS 89 in Queens, Ms. Uruchima worked on socioemotional learning and social justice issues with her students.  She is also pursuing her Master’s in Childhood Education at Fordham University.

Ms. Emma Pichl, a new Assistant Teacher in the 3rd grade, is a proud graduate of The Epiphany School, Class of 2007. Ms. Pichl is a graduate of Fairfield University, where she played Varsity Soccer for four years. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Education.

Mr. Christopher Smith, a new 3rd Grade Teacher’s Assistant, graduated from Regis High School and has a BA in English from The College of the Holy Cross. He is looking forward to pursuing an advanced degree in the education field. Mr. Smith has tutored students on many different grade levels. He is hoping to share his love for reading and writing with his Epiphany students!

Ms. Kathy Bettigole joins The Epiphany School faculty as an Assistant Teacher in the Toddler Twos. She holds an MS in Education from St John’s University. She is the proud parent of two Epiphany students: Margo in the 5th Grade and Sebastian an 8th Grader. Ms. Bettigole has been an active member of The Epiphany School community for the past ten years and looks forward to assisting the youngest members of The Epiphany School start on their newest adventure.

Ms. Meghan Weafer an Epiphany alumna, Class of 2008, is an Assistant Teacher in the new Toddler Twos Program at The Epiphany School. A recent graduate of SUNY Cortland, she is working towards her Masters in Education.

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