Giving Tuesday


This year, Epiphany participated in Giving Tuesday, the international day of Giving. Thank you to all of our supporters made a gift to The Annual Fund on Tuesday, November 29th in support of this effort!

Scroll down on this page to view a list of Giving Tuesday supporters. Every gift helps every child and we would love to reach 100% parent participation this year for our Annual Fund!

Watch our special Giving Tuesday video created by Epiphany parent, Amy Scheibe, to find out why our students, faculty and friends love and support Epiphany:

Why give? Click HERE to find out!

Thank you to our families who have supported The Annual Fund this year!

Anonymous (2)
The Addison Family
Fareed Ali and Gigi Lai
The Andrews Family
The Annunziata Family
The Arcuri Family
The Audit Family
David Ayres
Flavio and Ilaria Arzilla
Lauraine Avallone and Stephen Clevett
Maureen and David Ayres
Mark Baker and Linda Wayner
The Banerjee Family
John Barsoli and Julie Keller
The Beitler Family
John and Maria Bettex
The Bettigole Family
The Bissell Family
The Bolecek Family
Paul Bowden and Ryan McNally
Attila Boydak and Mary Fedor
Alex and Ben Brandrick-Morris
Catie F. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Brennan
Patrick Brennan and Susan Gould
Jennifer and Martin Breslin
The Cabuang Family
The Cain Family
Lorraine and Alannah Callan
The Campbell Family
Enzo Canino
The Capellino-Bozzo Family
The Caradonna Family
The Carey Family
Lindsay and John Carr
The Carroll Family
The Carter Family
The Chen Family
Kerry and Gerard Chesterton
Sena and Kristine Chin
The Codd Family
The Consilivio Family
The Contessa Family
Rachel and Bill Cook
Robert E. Copps and Sharon E. Sieber
The D’Aiuto Family
The DaSilva Family
Deirdre Davis
Denise Dee
The Deering Family
Raj Denhoy and Bridget Austin
Franciscus Diaba & Family
The Diaco Family
The Di Bari Family
The D’Orio Family
The Dowd Family
The Downey Family
The Dunn Family
The Ericson Family
The Erismann Family
The Ettin Family
Molly Evans and Emre Kavlakoglu
The Felenstein Family
The Fleischer Family
Mrs. Alice Ferrara
The Ferronato Gentile Family
MJ Fitzpatrick
The Fitzsimmons Family
Bo and Hedda Flynn
The Ivanac Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Flores
The Flynn Family
The Folan Family
The Fox Family
John and Rose Gallagher
Jim and Kristi Gannon
The Gramling Family
The Greaney Family
Eric and Kristen Greaser
The Greenwood Family
Ariane and Guillaume Frechette
The Gerety Family
Chloe Collie Giles and Family
The Gillespie Family
The Gillooly Family
The Glover Family
Art and Eileen Gorman
The Grillo Family
The Hanna Family
The Hapij Family
Kyle Harris and Rosemary Nurse
The Hawkes Family
James L. Hayes and Anne Duffell
The Heidbreder Family
The Higgins Family
The Hilaire Family
Markus Hoecherl and Sheila Aimette
Nisa and Jonathan Hsu
Caitlyn Israel
The Coluzzi and Jacob Family
The Jennings Family
The Jones Family
The Joye Family
The Kartholl Family
Kayco Construction
The Keane Family
The Keane Richardson Family
The Keefe Family
The Kelly Family
The Kim Family
The Kinsella Family
Kiernan LaGuardia
The Lane Family
Michael and Deborah Larson
The Larucci Family
The Leahy Family
The Leary Family
Jerry and Christine Letter
The Leykam Family
Gina and Michael Liotti
The Lipani Family
Peter Liptrot and Anamaria Wilson
The Litton Family
The Lynn Family
Jeffrey MacDonagh and Kendra Stensven
The Magel Family
The Marcell Family
The Marino Family
The Martynova Family
The Mateo Family
The Mattiello Family
The McAnaney family
Eileen and John McCarthy
The McCormack Family
The McCoy Family
Cornelia McCreery
The McHugh Family
The McInnis Family
The McVeety Family
The Medic Family
Gabriela Milian
The Minardo Family
The Molina Family
The Molloy Family
Mr. and Dr. S. Mondelli
Samantha Mulé
Sara and Mark Mullen
Elizabeth Mulholland
Kirra G. Murphy
The Murphy Family
The Nguyen Family
Kathleen O’Connell
Melissa and Edward O’Dell
The O’Hea Family
Kathleen O’Keefe
Renee Olivier
The Oliver Family
The Otazo Family
The Parniawski Family
Peter and Kate Patton
The Perrotta Family
The Pezeu family
Donna A. Pylyp
The Ramirez Family
The Rapillo Family
Cynthia and Dennis Raptis
The Rathbone Family
Dr. and Mrs. Carl E. Ravin
The Ravin Family
Joseph and Sejal Redington
Mr. and Mrs. J. Reilly
Gabriel Rivera and Family
The Robach Family
The Rodgers Family
Alexander Rodriguez and Charissa Sason
The Sabados Family
The Sandri Family
The Sauer Family
Aileen and Peter Schruth
Ms. Angela Sclafani
The Sencion Family
The Serrano Family
The Shibata Family
The Shimaitis Family
The Spector Family
The Sterling Berger Family
The Stuebe Family
The Sullivan Family
Chris and Felicia Tanoff
The Tansey Family
Margaret Tate
The Taylor Family
The Theodos Family
The Tracy Family
The Transom Family
The Turetsky Family
The Vaina Family
Alan van Capelle and Matthew Morningstar
The Van Ness Family
The Villagomez Family
The Walsh Family
The White Family
Chris and Jessica Wood
The Woodall Family
Spencer Yang
The Zazzera Family

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