Bravo! To the Cast & Crew


Congratulations to Sr. Rebecca and the entire cast and crew of High School Musical Jr.! A fabulous production was enjoyed by all.

The show was produced, choreographed, and directed by our own Sr. Rebecca Tayag. The Assistant Directors were faculty members Ms. Kathleen O’Connell, Ms. Allison Onofrio, and Ms. Claire Rennell; Ms. Victoria Colletti and Ms. Megan Grant were the Production Assistants. The wonderful sets and scenery were designed and constructed by Mr. Andrew Kromelow and Ms. Monica Murphy. Ms. Tish Beauregard was our costume designer and Epiphany alumna Ms. Jessica Pfeffer was the basketball coordinator.

Our thanks and congratulations to all of you who helped our students shine in High School Musical Jr.!

photo: Ms. Mollie O’Mara

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