Student Council 2017/18


The Epiphany School held the vote for Student Council positions on Election Day. In the spirit of the day speeches were given and votes were cast, there was a crowded field of candidates for all positions. Congratulations to all who participated!

The 2017/18 Epiphany School Student Council

Student Council Executives

President: Aidan McMahon, 8th Grade

Vice President: Charlie Kinsella, 8th Grade

Secretary: Kwesi Wordie, 7th Grade

Class Representatives

4-1: Robert Elder, Caroline Leung

4-2: Emily Castle, Shail Kelly

5-1: Fiona Greaney, James McCartin

5-2: Arianna Banerjee, Brianna Fox

5-3: Max Gramling, Fiona Joye

6-1: Sarah Landau, Luc Pezeu

6-2: Veronica Gannon, Thomas Mondelli

7-1: Noah Gardner, A. J. Pino

7-2: Abigail Contessa

8-1: Leo Gentile, Josh Ramos

8-2: Jack Beitler

8-3: Calista Redington, John Rodgers

The Student Council is guided by Faculty Advisor Ms. Katy Venizelos.

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