Stars for Service


Let’s stock the Parents’ Pantry at the Ronald McDonald House of NY, our Thanksgiving Stars for Service initiative.
Families affected by childhood cancer stay at the Ronald McDonald house when their children are in NY receiving treatment. Each family provides their own meals and cleans their own room. The Parents’ Pantry makes life a bit easier for the families. 

You can help by donating items from the list below to keep the shelves of the Parents’ Pantry stocked.

4th Grade: paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups, & hand sanitizer 
5th Grade: pasta, pasta sauce (no glass jars please), spices, soups, canned tuna
6th Grade: Mac & Cheese, microwavable rice, other microwavable foods, pancake mix
7th Grade: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste (child & adult), toothbrushes (child & adult)
8th Grade: Ziploc bags (all sizes), Chapstick, hand sanitizer, oven mitts
All Grades: deodorant (men & women), small boxes of tissues, hand sanitizer, baby lotion, baby wipes

Donations may be dropped off in homerooms from November 5th-20th.
Please make sure all donations are in sealed, unopened packaging. 
Thank You!!!

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