Town Hall Meeting


A “Town Hall” meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 9th in the Parish Hall at 9:00am. This meeting is an opportunity to hear from school leadership and ask any questions you may have.  Ms. McHugh, Ms. Higgins, and Ms. LaGuardia will be in attendance. A comment box is located just inside the entrance at each school location if you would like to offer topics you would like to hear discussed at the meeting.

A “Uniform Exchange” will be held just prior to the Town Hall, doors will open at 8:30am.

From our EFA, “There are boxes located at each school to collect those uniforms your children have out grown.  Please only donate uniforms in GOOD CONDITION (no holes, stains … etc).  These uniforms are intended to be handed down to the next lucky Epiphany families.  Also please DON’T donate any uniforms with the old Epiphany logo, we can not accept those any longer.  Also we are not accepting any costumes this year, so please NO Costumes.”  
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