Epiphany Elections


Election Day is November 5th. The Epiphany Upper School will hold our Student Council elections on Election Day. All Upper School students are invited to cast a vote for the Student Council offices of President, Vice President, and Secretary. Each homeroom will select a Class Representative to represent them on the Student Council. Our Student Council faculty advisor is Social Studies teacher, Ms. Katy Venizelos.

There will be an Election Assembly on Monday, November 4th, where candidates for President, Vice President, and Secretary will present campaign speeches to the 4th – 8th graders. Candidates for Class Representative will present campaign speeches to their classmates during the Homeroom period.

All 4th – 8th Grade students will cast their votes for Student Council on Election Day. The results will be announced at the end of the school day.

Candidates for President:

  • Paulo Barbosa, 7th grade
  • Gabriella Fried, 7th grade
  • Cameron Harris, 7th grade
  • Sarah Landau, 8th grade

Candidates for Vice President:

  • Asha Denhoy, 7th grade
  • Cyril Downey, 8th grade
  • Charlotte Geddes, 7th grade
  • Max Gramling, 7th grade
  • Edward Maher, 7th grade
  • Callie McCartin, 6th grade
  • Maxence Moretto, 8th grade
  • Nolan Paul, 8th grade

Candidates for Secretary:

  • Mairead LaGuardia, 6th grade
  • Ella Marsh, 7th grade
  • Matthew McCormack, 7th grade

Congratulations to all the candidates.

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