“Let Freedom Swing”


Let Freedom Swing brings outstanding jazz artists and performances to community audiences, today our 8th graders were the enthralled audience. Inspired by conversations between former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and jazz musician Wynton Marsalis, Let Freedom Swing includes three jazz concerts: Jazz and Democracy, Jazz and the Great Migration, and Jazz and Civil Rights.

Today’s show was Jazz and Democracy.  ” ‘A More Perfect Union’ is a phrase that appears in the first section of the U.S. Constitution. This idea captures the aspirations of the early republic to continue to improve over time, a difficult and challenging project, both then and now. 
These ideas are relevant to the world of jazz as well: a group of diverse musicians negotiating in time to create a collective expression that reflects the unique personalities and values of each individual for the good of everyone. The traditions of experimentation and improvisation in jazz resemble the innovative approach of America’s democracy in placing so much faith in its people and in striving to invent something new, different, and perhaps, even better.”

The 8th Grade will see the next installment, Jazz and the Great Migration, in January and the final show of the trilogy, Jazz and Civil Rights, in March. The shows compliment the 8th grade’s social studies curriculum.
You can read more about this Jazz series HERE.



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