Hand’s on Learning


Mrs. Anderson’s 6th Grade Science class is learning about Newton’s laws of motion, classic mechanics, and the relationship between a body, its mass and the forces acting on it, and its motion response to those forces.

The 6th graders are faced with the design problem of how to rescue a trapped tiger. Students then apply their knowledge of simple machines and forces to devise a way to rescue a heavy zoo animal while keeping it safe throughout the process.

Using an array of robotics components and their iPads, they are designing and building a device to lift and rescue a zoo animal that is trapped. Applying their knowledge of simple machines, motion, and force our students are creating solutions to tackle this problem. Down in the Science Lab a variety of crane-like structures are taking shape as students bring their designs to fruition, using components of levers, pulleys, wheels, and axles to attempt a rescue. In doing so, they consider the forces of effort, resistance, and gravity.

This is one of many Project Lead the Way labs that create an engaging, hands-on classroom environment and empower students to develop in-demand knowledge and engage students in real-world learning. The funding for Project Lead the Way comes from the Epiphany School Foundation.

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