Welcome Back!


We are very excited to welcome everyone back to school at Epiphany, both in-person and remote learners! In the school buildings there have been modifications to support enhanced health and safety protocols so we can safely accommodate our students.

Before leaving home each morning, complete THIS health screening. If the answer to any of the questions in the health screening survey is yes, your child must stay home and attend school remotely. A signed copy is not needed. You will verify that the screening has been completed when you arrive at school.

You’ll see blue “E’s” painted on the sidewalks outside of our school buildings. Please use these markers to maintain safe social distancing when waiting to enter our school buildings and at dismissal

All students and staff are required to wear a cloth face covering or surgical face mask that covers the nose and mouth throughout the school day, unless eating or drinking.

Upon arrival at our school buildings, all students and staff will use the hand sanitizer stations and complete a temperature screening to ensure that they are fever free (body temperature less than 100°F). Temperatures will be screened using the wrist thermometer shown below or an infrared forehead thermometer.

Parents and caregivers will not be permitted to enter the school building. Please be sure to explain this to your child in advance.  Our staff will provide lots of reassurance and encouragement to help ease the separation process in the first few weeks of school.

In the Early Childhood Center and Lower School the stairwell has been marked with a “median strip” please keep to the right. In the Upper School stairwells have been designated “Up” or “Down” staircases, please pay attention to the signage.

Classrooms will look somewhat different this year. Furniture has been arranged to optimize space and ensure that students are 6 feet apart, with all desks facing in the same direction. Markers have also been placed in our school yards to help maintain social distance during lunch and recess.

We thank you for your cooperation and support as we work to ensure a healthy and successful start to the new school year!





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