The Art Show, May 19th & 20th


The Epiphany Art Show returns! This year the Art Show will be held on May 19th & 20th in the Upper School Gym. The Art Show will feature works by all Epiphany students from the Toddler Twos through the 8th Grade.

Parents are welcome to visit the Art Show any time during the day. The class visiting schedule is below.

Art Show 2022 Hours & Class Visit Schedule

Thursday May 19th: 8:30am-4:00pm – Art Show Open to Parents

8:30am – Kindergarten
9:05am – 4-1
9:30am – 1st Grade
9:40am – 4-2
10:30am – 2nd Grade
10:50am – 5-1
11:15am – 3rd Grade
11:35am – 7-2
1:05pm – 7-1 and 8-1
1:40pm – 8-2

Friday May 20th: 8:00am-2:45pm – Art Show Open to Parents

9:00am – Nursery
9:15am – PreK-1
9:30am – PreK-2
11:35am – 5-2
1:40pm – 6-2
2:15pm – 6-1

Our art teacher, Ms. Christina Sahr, guides our students each week in art class. She introduces them to various artist’s work and the students are inspired to create their own interpretations.

The Sixth Grade were inspired by fiber artist Xenobia Bailey and created their own designs using yarn and felt!

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