A Prayer for Peace


We have been called by Pope Francis to offer a special prayer for peace in Ukraine.


O Prince of Peace,

Once more we hear the guns of war,

Once more we see the faces of frightened children.


We pray for the people of Ukraine,

That they may be granted peace;

We pray for the people of Russia,

That they may demand peace;

We pray for our country,

That we may be a positive part

Of peacemaking in this world.


O Prince of Peace,

Lead us from this dark time

To a deeper understanding

Of the global human family,

So all may break bread together

In the secure embrace of peace.



We encourage all Epiphany families, regardless of their faith, to join together in offering this prayer for peace for the people of Ukraine and all world leaders. 
As an Epiphany community, we stand in solidarity with Ukrainians both here and abroad.


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