Science Fair Prize Winners


The Upper School Science Fair was on Tuesday, March 21st in the Upper School gym. Grades 5th – 8th  presented their Science projects to their Science teachers and school mates. It was wonderful opportunity to learn from each other. Congratulations to all of our students.

Our science teachers Ms. Anderson, Ms. Casciano, Mr. Kenyon, and Ms. Zannelli will reviewed all of the projects and our Science Fair attendees voted for their favorite projects.

Here are the winners:

For 5th & 6th Grade:
Best Engineering: Nia Lee & Allie Rapillo (6th Graders)
Best Use of the Scientific Method: Chase Dowd, Sebastian Ericson, & Asher Mirza (5th Graders)
Most Original Project: Hannah Beekman, Alexandra Champion, & Lara Sowinski (5th Graders)
Most Creative Presentation: Octavia Casella & Alexa Letter (5th Graders)

For 7th & 8th Grades:
Best Engineering: Chloe Freyburger & Harper Smyth (7th Graders)
Best Use of the Scientific Method: Mattheus Shama & Francisco Walsh (8th Graders)
Most Original Project: Luca Consilvio (8th Grade)
Most Creative Presentation: Andrew Freeley (8th Grade)

Best Overall, Grand Prize:
“Solar S’mores” by Alessia D’Aiuto & Chloe Raptis (7th Graders)


Congratulations to all!

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