7th Grade Mock Trial Champs!


A special thank you to our Mock Trial Coaches and Volunteers for their very generous donations of their time and expertise, without them we could not participate in this wonderful program.

7th Grade Coaches:
Julie Carey (Thomas)
Lauren Minardo (Stella)
Michael O’Brien (Vivienne)
McGregor Smyth (Harper)
Keri Tusa (Grace Kilarjian)

8th Grade Coaches:
John Ivanac (Julia)
Jeff MacDonagh (Emmett Stensven)
Liliane Ndong (Franciscus Diaba)

The 7th Grade Defense Team and the 8th Grade Prosecution Team both made the finals in Mock Trial.

The 7th Grade came out Champions!

And Tommy Carey was singled out: Best Advocate Award for Grade 7.

Congratulations to all of the participants, we are very proud of you!


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