We Appreciates our Coaches


Another great season of CYO Basketball has ended. Epiphany fielded ten teams – everyone who wanted to play ball had the opportunity. There were some great games, an exciting playoff series, and a championship game – won by our 6th Grade Boys team – they are the CYO Manhattan Champions!

None of this would be possible without the generosity and dedication of our volunteer coaches. A special shout out to Mark Baker, (Gabriel, 7th & Christian & Raphael, 4th), who is our CYO commissioner.

Thank you to our coaches!
From the entire Epiphany Community

Our Coaches:

5th Grade Girls:
Dennis Raptis (Chloe, 8th & Sofia, 5th)
Dinesh Sakhrani (Sanya, 6th & Liana, 5th)
Jarrad Crighton (Mary, 7th & Brynne, 5th)
Matthew Maguire (Ella, 5th)

5th Grade Boys:
Kevin Manz (Theodore, 5th & Henry 3rd)
Christopher Torres (Parish Family)

6th Grade Girls: (two teams)
Lazar Kesic (Lara, 6th)
Mike Judge (Claire, 6th & Xavier, 2nd)
Dinesh Sakhrani (Sanya, 6th & Liana, 5th)
Mike Parniawski (Mari, 6th)

6th Grade Boys:
Rob Dowd (Abby, 8th & Chase 6th)
Marc LaGuardia (Nolan, 6th)
Simone Sandri (Matteo, 6th)

7th Grade Girls:
Mark Rasimas (Sophia, 7th)
Matt Monahan (Reece, 7th & Beau, 4th)
Thor Swetman (Brianna, 7th)

7th Grade Boys: (two teams)
Mark Baker (Gabriel, 7th & Christian & Raphael, 4th)
Tom Gaffney (Patrick, 7th)
David Turner (John, 7th)
Jeff Ownens (Charles Coats, 7th)

8th Grade Girls:
Marc Minardo (Stella, 8th & Myles, K)
Michael Baran (Aubrey, 8th & Alicia, 5th)

8th Grade Boys:
Michael Caramihai (Jake, 8th)
Riccardo Lattanzi (Vittorio, 8th)

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