Early Childhood

Early Childhood Center: Toddler Twos, Nursery, and Pre-Kindergarten

The Toddler Twos, Nursery, and Pre-Kindergarten programs at The Epiphany School focus on the child as a whole. At these early learning levels, all aspects of a child’s development – physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional – must be addressed.

At this age, students are active learners who gain knowledge by interacting with concrete objects. Through their actions they generate hypotheses, predict outcomes, and draw conclusions about the world. The curriculum is theme based, teachers integrate a central theme into ELA, Math, Science, Music, Art, and Social Studies. The Learning centers align with the themes and include dramatic play, science, language arts, blocks, art, and math. Our Nursery and Pre-K students use Handwriting Without Tears, a program that uses a multi-sensory approach to reading and writing readiness.

Socialization is a very important part of the early childhood curriculum, preschoolers need to obtain greater awareness of themselves as individuals and as members of society. We strive to enhance our students’ self-confidence through appreciation of their efforts in all areas and we work to develop their independence so that they feel control over themselves and their environment.

The ultimate goal of The Epiphany School Early Childhood Curriculum is to meet the developmental needs of all the children and prepare them for future growth as confident, self-directed, inquiring individuals.

If you are looking for some fun family activities this summer, we have compiled a variety of ideas for you to explore. These activities will provide your child with some fun summer learning experiences as well as build their fine and gross motor skills.


Early Childhood Summer Activity Ideas